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Down Comforters - Six Things To Look For


 How do you get down from an elephant? You do not get down from an elephant. You get down from a duck. Or you get down from a goose. For many years, goose down has been used as a fill in comforters. Why down? Down, the soft under feathers found on most waterfowl, is lightweight, and has excellent insulating qualities. It is these attributes that make down an excellent fill for comforters. But what is the difference between all of the down comforters that are available? Why is it that some down comforters cost so much more than others? If you have looked at all at down comforters, these questions have possibly popped into your head. If you are you looking for more info about king bed set stop by our web-page.Here are seven questions that you should consider before purchasing your down comforter.

What is the net down content of a comforter? By law, any comforter labeled down or goose down, must maintain at least a 75% net down content. That means that a down comforter must contain a 3 to 1 down to feather ratio. The higher the down content, the better the comforter. Be aware of anyone that advertises 100% down. It is not going to happen.

What is so important about the thread count of the cloth the comforter is made of? Have you ever seen down coming through the cloth, which is supposed to hold it in place? That is probably not a high enough thread count. The thread count of material is the amount of threads that are woven in one square inch. Higher thread counts mean more threads per inch, which means a softer and smoother feeling comforter.

Aren't some people allergic to down? It is not actually the down the people are allergic to, it is he dirt and dust that gets trapped within the down that people are allergic to. The American Down What are you looking for in a comforter? I have posed seven properties of down comforters that you need to consider before you purchase. I want you to be informed. The purchase of a good comforter could be a life long decision, and it should be made with the proper amount of knowledge. I mentioned earlier that I have a website that sells comforters. The address is website We carry a great selection of comforters. Along with those comforters, we also carry a huge selection of duvet covers to protect your comforter. I hope to see you there.    
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